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What's going on right now in Todd's House?

1/21/2004 Hey FX, thanks for swiping MY phrase! Now my site is bogged down with all the tube people. Perhaps you are looking for their reality show: Todd TV?
Update 10/21/2002 ToddTV is back online! Although I'm still waiting for my new hard drive I figured the adoring fans shouldn't be deprived so Spacehog is up and running sans data drive. Fear not, I'll remove these annoying update messages in a few days...
Update 10/13/2002 ToddTV will be out of commission for a bit. The server that crunches the video feed threw a hard drive yesterday!
Some folks have complained that the embedded viewer below freezes after about 30 seconds. Sorry, it doesn't freeze on my machine. Until it does I propbably won't investigate the problem. If you do experience problems try viewing with the external player.

<br /> It looks like your browser doesn't support embedding. You will not be able to view the video stream. <!--See <a href="#notes">Notes</a> below.-->

Who knows what will be broadcasting while your viewing:

  • Office Cam? (most likely)
  • Living Room Cam? (now with Pan N Tilt action!)
  • Bird Feeder Cam?


  • If it's the middle of the night and I'm sleeping you'll probably just see black!
  • Here is the actual link in case the embedded player doesn't start.
  • If you have problems with the link above or you are using a Mac try here.
  • Installing RealPlayer then installing a new browser can cause the embedded functionality to fail.
  • I try to stream video whenever possible, but there will be times when the video is down.
  • The stream is delivered to you on port 544 which may be blocked by some company firewalls.
  • To view the streaming video you will need: