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Todd M Stafney

Portland, Oregon (US)
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  • Windows / Linux / Android
  • .NET (C# / WCF / ASP.NET)
  • C/C++
  • SQL Server / MySQL
  • HTML / JavaScript / jQuery

Work Experience

  • Demand Driven Technologies, LLC. (7/2012 - present)
    Providing creative inventory, logistics and manufacturing control solutions via Just-In-Time inventory and Theory-Of-Constraints based scheduling.

  • Fluid Market Strategies (11/2010 - 7/2012)
    Lead development of Joomla, ASP.NET and Winforms applications, backed by MySQL and SQL Server databases, to assist in management, marketing and training of the energy efficiency and renewable technology programs Fluid provides to is clients.

  • Constraints Management Group, LLC. (7/2006 - 11/2010)
    Design, develop and maintain software to facilitate production and inventory control in a manufacturing process utilizing Theory of Constraints.

  • Self-Employed (freelance) Software Developer (10/2000 - 7/2006)
    Contracting my services as a consultant/developer. Developed freeware server side components, W3C compliant browser neutral web sites, Internet client/server Backup/Restore (Java 1.4) application, DirectX (Show) filters, WDM video capture component, W2K TCP/IP management application. Streaming video solutions. Developed secure wireless 802.11b communication client/server for W2K/PocketPC. Provided socket translation layer for credit card processing company. Java/Tomcat/Oracle backend and AJAX-like front end for web banking/teller application. Partial client list: Hillsboro Airport, Oregon Humane Society, Insite Web Publishing, Intel Corporation, Lending Network, LogicRiver, MVP Video Productions, EID Access, United States Army, Prime Time Communications, Summit, Coastwide Laboratories

  • Intel Corporation (10/2000 - 06/2001) (02/2002 - 04/2002)
    Internet Tablet Operations: supporting Intel's wireless web device. Designed/developed Java content staging and deployment system capitalizing on RMI, sockets, threads and Serialization. Enterprise Security Solutions: supporting Intel's (SNORT/IDMEF) network intrusion detection system with hardened Linux server components (Java) and platform neutral administrative GUI (Java).

  • Corillian Corporation (09/1999 - 10/2000)
    Developed MTS business (middle tier) components for consumer banking and business banking that delivered XML to the presentation layer. Styled XML based on requesting browser (IE, NS, WAP, PocketPC, Palm, etc). Developed Integrated Voice Response (IVR) software, for a 24-line T1, which integrated with existing customer data and reused existing web pages (IVR walked the DOM to gather its information).

  • Intel Corporation (11/1997 - 09/1999)
    Worked on the Intel(R) AnswerExpress(SM) Support Suite, a 24x7 internet based real-time help system. Developed monitoring Agents in Java using ObjectSpace Voyager technology. Worked on the Intel(R) WebOutfitter(SM) Service, a free site designed to provide the latest PIII enabled software to registered PIII owners. Developed systray application to inform users of updates to PIII software and optionally kick off download and install of updates.

  • Electronic Data Systems (10/1994 - 11/1996)
    Developed a COLD indexing/retrieval system used by large companies (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Western Union, Continental Airlines) to pipe existing mainframe hardcopy reports to a proprietary database. Worked on a banking solution to provide information from 3 major banking systems via a heterogeneous interface.

  • United States Marine Corps (08/1988 - 08/1994)
    Defended the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic! Developed satellite data communications intercept software (in Ada) to assist in automating Standard Naval Message format messages by rerouting them to their appropriate Banyan Vines e-mail address.
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