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Welcome to Todd's Place

Ahhh, my humble web site. Within the confines of these electronic walls you will experience Todd in more detail than you ever thought possible (or at least in more detail than you would ever possibly want).

Currently Working On:

Oh who am I kidding? I went back to work for the man. I'll probably never have a side project again. Sigh...

Todd's link of the [indeterminate time period]:

I think he says Wheeeee!

History Lesson:

From a Hannaford, North Dakota newspaper:

Hjalmer Stafney was held up near the Haaland (now Retzlaff) farm on the N.P. crossing September 1918. A plank had been placed across the road and Mr. Stafney rammed it with his car breaking a wheel. He had a revolver with him and started to shoot. One of the hold-up men shot him in the arm and the other one hit him over the head, the last thing he knew for several hours. When he came to he walked to the Geo. Mills farm and was taken to Dr. Benson who dressed his wound. He went back to his duties at the G.N. depot with a bandaged arm, a sore head, a broken Ford and a $60 loss.


Having your own arcade game is cool. Now I just need to plug it in again.


What's Old?

* Check me out I'm a TV star!

  In this cheesy local television commercial.

* ToddCam Photo!

[Webcam Picture]

* ToddTV

  Is dead. It looks like real dropped support for the version of RealServer I was using. So sad.